Our Philosophy

We believe in living a more natural way of life. To be self sufficient, grow our own food, produce our own goods. We choose to not be constant consumers of the world. We hope to help make the world a better place for future generations.


We are a peaceful, self governing society. We do not support war, and want to see world peace. We believe all people have the right of self determination, and are free to live as they see fit. We are all human beings, and shall be treated with peace, love and respect for one another. Regardless of our differences, we can all live peacefully. We know and respect that different cultures do not mix together, and that people should live in a society which shares their culture. Not to try and take over another’s culture, or change another society.


We believe that all people are equal, that everyone deserves human rights, and that it is society’s responsibility to ensure their rights are protected. That we are all brothers and sisters, one to another.

We also believe in the laws of nature, and biology. We believe and recognize the male and female sexes. That both sexes are equal. Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, but are equal in rights.


We believe in community. Everyone has a place in the community. Each person should contribute to their community, help others, treat each other with love, understanding and respect.


We believe in the traditional family, and the importance of family bonds. Family and community is what binds us together. That children should be raised by their parents.


We believe in living a more organic life. To protect the environment, we live a more simple life. Our goal is to leave the environment in a better place then we found it. We strive to reduce the impacts of humanity on the environment. We use technology which helps the environment, and human kind.